Brandon Wong
Oct 26, 2020

Juno Bootcamp Cohort 30 Week 1

It has been a long journey to arrive a Juno’s Bootcamp, after a year of prerequisite class and preparation. I am thrilled to continue my coding studies after a long break due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Two of my Juno class experiences have been amazing, and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle these next 9 weeks. Although I have taken previous classes, online remote learning will be an interesting experience.

I am fortunate to have amazing instructors and classmates, who are very supportive and motivated. Asking questions feels comfortable, and getting assistance instantly is reassuring. Connecting with everyone is simple with jokes and silliness is incorporated during our classes. The multiple instructors provide a variety of knowledge and expertise in their craft. The instructors are happy to share their work experiences and inform us about recent coding updates. Juno has upheld their teaching ability, inclusiveness while incorporating fun within their day to day lessons.

As much fun as we have in class, Juno has a work hard play hard mentality. Already assigned Project One, and additional assignment due by the beginning of week two. Class is moving at a speedy pace, and will be challenging, when learning new coding concepts and languages. I necessary work load to prepare the class, as most are seeking a front end junior position by the end. Coding classes are fundamental, but brand building, job hunting and portfolio development are additional skill we are acquiring also.

Cohort 30 is just getting started, with one week down, Project one done and eight more to go!