What I learned about myself during Bootcamp Week 7 - Day 44

I have gained an abundance of skills and knowledge from my time at Juno, and reflected how far my classmates and I have pushed through. Before and during bootcamp I was mentally preparing myself to memorize the content ahead of time, and striving to succeed. I was aware to expect the unexpected, trying to tackle challenging obstacles that would be presented each day. Week six became particularly difficult, learning the language React.

The last few days I was struggling, expecting to grasp React easily and to figure out the language in a few days. I was expecting too much of myself to understand a new language I have only learned in a week, resulting to stressing out. I understand the process in making multiple mistakes and learning from them takes time. The importance to seek help and to talk about your issues is healthy for one’s mental state. The support and realization for other’s input, has relieved any additional stress that could have been devastating. Taking a longer break from coding has been beneficial and more productive in the long run.

It is so easy to lose yourself to coding, when stumped and seeking for the solution. My amazing mentors constantly drill to take breaks and step away from the PC for this very reason. I know myself to be too persistent and hard working, leading to burning out. The unrealistic expectations and goals I aim for, end up applying self inflicted pressure that is unnecessary. I’m learning how to improve and becoming more aware of healthy breaks. Reflecting the reality and limited ability of what I’m capable to accomplish due to how much experience I’ve worked with React.

Just a friendly reminder to anyone coding, take breaks for your metal health, which will lead to great productivity and quicker problem solving. At times you have to experience and endure the mistakes to learn from them.

Anyways peace and happy coding all,

Brandon Wong


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